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 The Linux Shell and Shell Scripting

  Course Code - PM-102   Duration - 3 Days

This three-day course will help attendees:

  • Understand how powerful commands may be built using simple, easy-to-understand concepts and components
  • Appreciate the building-block nature of Linux/Unix
  • Understand the core, fundamental concepts used in putting together new commands
  • Have gained real experience in creating new commands that perform useful functions



Delegates must have completed the Linux Essentials course, or have good experience in using the Linux command line.


 Course Content


Linux/Unix Review

  • Brief recap of Linux/Unix architecture and concepts Linux

What is the Shell?

  • Shell Responsibilities
  • Program Execution
  • Filename Substitution
  • Variable Expansion
  • Environment Variables
  • Quoting

I/O Redirection

  • stdin, stdout & stderr
  • Device Files
  • Here Documents
  • Pipes & Filters

Building Commands using Filters

  • Examples of powerful commands built simply
  • head, tail
  • sort, cut
  • wc
  • grep family
  • xargs
  • pv

Regular Expressions and sed

  • Regular Expressions Intro
  • BREs (Basic Regular Expressions)
  • EREs (Extended Regular Expressions)
  • sed

Command Substitution

  • Building commands from other commands
  • Useful commands to use with command substitution
  • Command substitution in more recent shells

Shell Scripts

  • What is a Shell Script?
  • Invoking Shell Scripts
  • Permissions
  • Comments
  • Which Shell gets run?

Shell Programming

  • Passing Arguments from the Command Line
  • Grouping Commands

Making Decisions

  • Exit Status
  • if Statement
  • Testing Conditions
  • read command
  • arithmetic
  • case Statement


  • Benefits and Uses of Loops
  • for Loop
  • Three-expression for Loop
  • Infinite Loops
  • Conditional Exits with break
  • Continuation with continue


  • while Loop
  • until Loop


  • Declaring a Function
  • Calling a Function
  • Parameters within Functions
  • Local Variables
  • Returning from Functions
  • Listing Defined Functions


  • Background tasks
  • sleep
  • wait
  • signals & interrupt handling
  • trace
  • timing

Advanced I/O

  • Redirecting loops & grouped commands
  • Manipulating File Descriptors
  • Network Communications in bash

Further Parameter Expansion

  • Defaults & Pattern Matching

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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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