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 Using Mindfulness in the Workplace

  Code - BC-607   Duration 1 Day with (Optional) 4 Week Follow-Up Support   

Managers, supervisors, department heads and team leads can all play a vital leadership role in developing teams to achieve business objectives.

Current research indicates that the more mindful the leader, the lower the employee’s emotional exhaustion, the better work-life balance they achieve and the better their overall job performance becomes. 

In addition to the impact on team members and team productivity there are benefits in terms of effectiveness and well-being for the leader themselves.

The workshop will demystify Mindfulness and provide a practical approach to using Mindfulness as a method to increase job performance and achieve business objectives.

 Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone at any level in the workplace.
  • It will also be useful to Human Resource specialists and Organisational Development professionals interested in evaluating the relevance of Mindfulness for their own organisations.

 Learning Outcomes

Attendees will learn techniques which will help them to:
  • Increase productivity, personal effectiveness and concentration.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships.
  • Better manage conflict and difficult situations
  • Achieve higher levels of well-being and resilience.
  • Reduce levels of stress.
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence.
  • Increase self-awareness and awareness of others.

 Course Content



  • Mindfulness: Why now?
  • What is Mindfulness and what it is not
  • The benefits of Mindfulness
  • The relevance of Mindfulness to the workplace
  • Who is using it and why: The Business Case

Theme One: Finding the Time and Space

  • The Stimulus – Response Model
  • Responding rather than reacting to situations
  • The neuroscience of changing old habits
  • Techniques Practice 1
  • Application in the workplace review

Theme Two: Being On Auto-Pilot

  • The daily challenges of the workplace
  • Going through our busy schedules (without noticing)
  • Techniques Practice 2
  • Application in the workplace review

Theme Three – Paying Attention

  • Developing Non-Judgemental Attention
  • Giving others time in our interactions (colleagues and clients)
  • Techniques Practice 3
  • Application in the workplace review

Theme Four: Managing Stress

  • Understanding Workplace Stress
  • The physiology of stress and the impact of our thinking
  • Techniques Practice 4
  • Application in the workplace review

Theme Five: Achieving Your Full Potential

  • Limiting Beliefs and Self-Actualisation
  • Techniques Practice 4
  • Application in the workplace review
  • On-line support resources

 Four Weeks of Follow-Up Support

The follow up support element includes weekly contact for each participant with instructions and guidance on their Mindfulness practice for the week. They also receive access to weekly on-line Guided Mindfulness Meditations which they can download to use to support their practice. The purpose of the follow up is to encourage the practice of the Mindfulness skills explored on the training day and embed the learning and practical application.  

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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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