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 Strategic Selling & Negotiation Skills

  Course Code - BC-312 - 2 Days

Managing, growing and key account developments are now more complex than ever. Within competitive, structured buying opportunities the skills required to compete, defend, negotiate and gain new business in complex product sectors are increasingly more demanding and different from those in common practice even a few years ago.  More and more sector Account Managers and niche providers, (which includes product leaders) are being forced to ‘chase’ and protect their own markets.

This course centres on the business development issues that confront sales personnel in developing and growing their existing accounts.  It emphasises the professional, people-to-people elements of selling - Advanced Communication Skills, Building (and maintaining) Relationships, Consultative Professionalism, Projecting ‘Company Brand’ and understanding the importance of being seen as ‘The Trusted Advisor’ and ‘order makers’ rather then ‘order takers’.

Most importantly, this programme looks at the critical selling stages and processes necessary to achieving strategic key account business gain from existing contracts and at every stage in this buying cycle being aware of the impact that professional negotiation has on successful outcomes.


 By the end of the course delegates will

  • Be able to adopt a systematic and strategic approach to selling, negotiating and gaining new business whilst at maintaining existing accounts of all sizes.
  • Develop an ‘Account Development & Protection’ approach to selling.
  • Be better able to recognise and influence the decision criteria (why the buyer buys).
  • Be objective and self disciplined in managing the complete sales/negotiating interplay.



Selling Strategically - The Challenge

  • The Power Of Thinking In Account Development
  • The Impact Factors In Selling Strategic Services
  • Understanding The Account ‘Relationship’ More Fully
  • Selling The Company ‘Brand’

The Key Account Buying/Selling Process

  • The Buyers ‘Mindset’ Towards The Account Manager
  • Strategies For Different Account ‘Types’
    • New Accounts
    • Large Accounts
    • Key Accounts
  • The Professional Relationship Role
  • Using VSLs – Value Statement Libraries
  • The KAM Role - Do You Influence Or Do You Negotiate?
  • Executing Up-Selling & Cross Selling
  • Understanding Belief Systems

Account Analysis & Decision Making

  • Understanding Your Account Structure
  • Maximising The Appointment & Frequent Call Strategies
  • The Consultative Analysis Approach
  • Incremental Qualification
  • Influencing The Decision Criteria
  • Juran’s Strategies – Growing Accounts Into Key Accounts

Fundamentals Of Account Development

  • Determine The Factors - Plus And Minus - That Affect Account Gain/Development
  • Building The ‘Third Party’ Account Relationships
  • Strategies That Maximise Your Market Penetration and Protect your Existing Accounts

Win/Win Negotiating – For All Professionals

  • The Process Of Negotiation – What is it?
  • The Difference Between Selling And Negotiation
  • The Negotiating ‘Continuum’
  • The Power Of ‘Leverage’
  • Understanding Some International Differences

Procedural Steps To Negotiating Successfully

  • Establishing Your Position/Alternatives
  • MILs Analysis
  • Analysing Their Objectives/Situation
  • Deciding On Your Strategy
  • If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get!
  • Making Proposals


  • The Psychology Of Bargaining
  • The ‘If Then Rule’
  • ‘Banking’ Agreements and ‘Parking’ Difficulties
  • Deadlocks - How To Break Them

Closing The Discussions

  • How To Close The Negotiation
  • Monitoring The Agreement

Time Management for Sales Professionals

  • Why Are Some Sales-People So Effective With The Use Of Time?
  • Techniques To Avoid Procrastination
  • Time Management Principles In Planning Sales Activities

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Beckinridge specialises in Technology, IT, Sales and Management training for the ICT, Corporate, SME and Government Sectors in Northern Ireland.
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